Furyborn: First Impressions

This book has the potential to be the spark of a cult favorite series. I have so many questions! Reading the sneak peek really has me hooked. So much information was thrown at us all at once, and yet I feel like I know nothing about the main plot of this book.

Furyborn is a high fantasy novel involving magic, angels and so much more. So, this book follows two main characters. We’ve got the Sun Queen Rielle and a bounty hunter named Eliana who’s living approximately 1,000 years in the future. Both have some inexplicable powers that they’re trying to hide from everyone else. From the beginning, we’re not exactly sure how they are related, but somehow along the way their two stories intersect. I’m guessing a possible ancestor? Is that too obvious? I guess we’ll find out later on.

Based on the couple chapters I read, I’m certain the book will be one to remember. Both Rielle and Eliana are strong, independent characters. I’m especially intrigued by Eliana. She’s in a moral gray area, and I can’t wait to see how her personality will affect the rest of the book.



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