Please let me get to all of these books this month |March TBR

I’m really going to try and get to all of these books this month. We’ve got a couple new releases. A couple of books that I’ve been carrying around from the library for far too long and a couple of books that I should have read ages ago

The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried | Shaun David Hutchinson

I love you Shaun David Hutchinson and I’m so excited to be reading this book. I’ve already started this one, and jumped straight in knowing zero percent about it. From what I’ve gathered thus far, this book is about two ex-best friends, July and Dino. They’ve been hating each other for a year when one day July dies from an unexpected aneurysm. Dino’s family owns a funeral home, so it’s no surprise his family is taking care of her body pre-funeral. What is a surprise is when July wakes up. Not dead, not quite alive, Dino and July try to figure out what the hell is going on, and along the way what happened to their friendship. Loving it so far, and hope I come out on the other end loving it just as much as his previous works.

The Poppy War | R.F. Kuang

I’ve been meaning to get to this book for THE longest time. I really don’t know much about the plot other than it is an Asian-inspired female-led fantasy series. I think I’ve heard there are some gnarly fight scenes that possible get a little gruesome? Regardless, I’m excited to read it and see what all the hype is about.

Girls of Paper and Fire | Natasha Ngan

Yet another female-led fantasy series! It is an ownvoices Asian-inspired fantasy involving a lesbian love story, a demon king, and some badass ladies. I really don’t want to know too much else before diving in, but the cover is Glorious with a capital G, and from the snippet I’ve read, the plot sounds equally enticing.

Anger is a Gift | Mark Oshiro

Another book that I’ve heard only good things about. This books has ample diversity including a gay black main character who experiences panic attacks and a gay latino love interest. I have a feeling this is going to be a hard book to read, but an important one. I guess I’ll prepare the tissues now?

On the Come Up | Angie Thomas

This is another book I’ve already started and I’m definitely liking it so far. I decided to listen to the audio book which was a good choice, as there’s no way I could deliver those lines like the narrator can. Listening to a book about an up and coming rapper was 100% a good choice. I loved The Hate U Give SO MUCH, and I have a feeling this book is experiencing high expectations. I’m hoping it will be good, but don’t want to expect too much. How can anything live up to the timeliness and importance of THUG?

Wildcard | Marie Lu

Have been meaning to read this book for months now! I liked Warcross, but did not LOVE it. There were some really exciting parts and world building, but I was not a fan of the love interest at ALL. I’m hoping this book will turn the whole thing around and give us the ending we deserve. I haven’t really heard any spectacular nor bad things about this, so I’m going in with completely zero expectations.

Two Can Keep a Secret | Karen M. McManus

I read One of Us is Lying last summer and generally liked it. I wasn’t really blown away with anything, and I know the ending was pretty problematic. I know this is an unrelated book, and I’ve heard some good things from the YA book community. I generally do not have high hopes for YA thrillers, as they never seem to truly shock me the way I want them to. We shall see