SailorMoonAThon TBR | May 2019 #teamsailormars

Ahhh the SailorMoonAThon is finally upon us! I’m so excited to stick my face into all of the below books. This readathon is team based and will take place starting May 1st to the 20th. I have no idea when team sign-ups are closed, so I’d check out the twitter page @SailorMoonAThon to get all the necessary info.

In addition to this readathon, I’ll be participating in the Asian Readathon created and hosted by Cindy @ readwithcindy on Youtube. As May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month, I’m also trying to only read books with Asian characters or written by Asian authors. See: my extra challenge.

(I also read a whole bunch of Asian books in May last year, so be sure to check out some of my favorites here!) Tbh it’s not really a challenge because there are so many amazing books focused on different Asian experiences, and I encourage you to read as many as you can this month (and beyond) as well!

If you want more information about the Asian Readathon (or some awesome Asian book recs), check out my tbr here, the announcement video here, and a master list of Asian books here.

I’ve done my best to find books that fit the below challenges and are either written by Asian authors or follow Asian main characters, and I’m crossing my fingers I’ll be able to get to all of them this month.

An Ember In The Ashes – Sabaa Tahir

Sailor Moon – Reread One of Your Favorite Books

I’m simultaneously excited and terrified to reread this book. You know when you love a book so much your entire mind/body/soul doesn’t know how to react??? I flew through all three books in this series one after the other and it went by in a blur. I was physically affected by this as it shocked me over and over again, and I sincerely hope I have the same reaction this time. Cross your fingers for me.

Sailor Moon Vol. 5 | Naoko Takeuchi

Sailor Venus – Read a Book With a Character that has Special Abilities

As I’m already making my way through the Sailor Moon manga series, I thought there was no better prompt than a character with magical abilities. I have the sixth volume as well, and if all goes to plan I hope to get through both of them during this readathon!

Beds are for Flowers | R.K. Gold

Chibi Usa – Read a Novella

The Group Book

Not going to life I really don’t know much about this book, but I am definitely willing to give it a try! I know it’s a fantasy and it’s pretty short coming in under 200 pages. I tried my hardest to find a novella I was interested in reading, so this will have to work! This is the only book that isn’t written about an Asian mc or written by an Asian author that I’ll be reading this month, but as it’s the group read for the readathon, I’m giving it a pass.

The Dragon Republic | R.F. Kuang

Sailor Mars – Read a Book that Includes the Element of Fire

Sailor Mercury – Read a Book That Challenges You

Sailor Uranus – Read a Book with a Gorgeous Cover

I started reading this book in April and decided to put it off to read it during this month. It was a very difficult decision as I am itching to find out what happens to my cute little antihero. If you haven’t yet read The Poppy War, do yourself a favor and do it immediately.

I Love You So Mochi | Sarah Kuhn

Tuxedo Mask – Read a Romance Novel

Sailor Neptune – Read a Contemporary Novel

I’m freaking PUMPED I got an ARC for this book. It comes out at the end of May and just based on the cover alone I know it’s going to be a perfect Spring read. I don’t know much about it other than that it involves a romance of some sort and it’s based in Kyoto (one of my all-time favorite cities)

Battle Royale | Koushun Takami

Sailor Jupiter – Read a Book with 400 Pages or More

Sailor Pluto – Read a Dystopian Novel

Sailor Saturn – Read a Standalone

This is another book that’s been on my tbr for far too long. I watched the movie a couple years ago and loved it. It’s basically the original Hunger Games but set it Japan and probably even more brutal. I just got my copy from the library and it is a thicc baby so I’ll probably end up reading it over the course of the readathon.

The Bone Witch | Rin Chupeco

The Team Book

Since I’ve already read my team book (#teamsailormars holla) The Hunger Games and it’s not an Asian book, I decided to choose another team book for this challenge. Hopefully team Sailor Saturn won’t mind me sliding in to read this book with them. I really don’t know much about this book/series other than I’ve only heard good things about it. Tbh that’s exactly how I like to start series, so hopefully it will not disappoint!

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