Series (I’m Ashamed) I Haven’t Read Yet

Ugh writing this post is making me stressed. I took awhile to brainstorm all of the series I haven’t read yet (and oh, boy are there a lot) and decided to talk about the below few. There are like a million other series I have yet to read, but as I get older and my reading tastes have changed, there are some books published 6+ years ago that I seriously doubt I’ll ever feel like reading again. I know that people rave about old books all the time, but imo books keep getting better every freaking year. I don’t want to read the old stuff!!!

This sentiment is probably why I have yet to read the below series. Some of them have been finished and a few are still ongoing/will be finished very soon. I haven’t included any of the series I’m in the middle of reading — these are all books I have never read and know barely anything about.

Tbh one of the main motivations behind me trying to read these book is the s p o i l e r s. Dude, you cannot go online these days without seeing some sort of spoiler for at least half of the below series. What am I supposed to do???? Not read them? Please.

Shatter Me | Tahereh Mafi


One of the main culprits of twitter spoilers is the Shatter Me series. I literally cannot go a day without seeing something about these characters. I’m pretty sure this series is still ongoing (?) and yet people just want to keep dropping spoilers left and right. I’ve never really been a fan of the covers of these books, so that might be a reason why I haven’t started them yet.
I don’t know much about the series besides the fact that the mc has some sort of dangerous power? And there’s some serious shipping going on that people are obsessed with.

Book of the Ancestor| Mark Lawrence

This is an adult fantasy series that revolves around some fighting nuns. At least I think that’s what it’s about. I’ve heard Emily Fox rave about this series, and I almost always love her recommendations and that’s pretty much the only reason it’s on this list. Also, badass fighting nuns sound awesome.

A Court of Thrones And Roses | Sarah J. Maas


I finished the Throne of Glass series early this year, and I think 2019 might be the year of A Court of Thorns and Roses. I know this series is a bit more ~saucy~ than Throne of Glass, so that will be pretty exciting.

I’m pretty sure this series starts off as a Beauty and the Beast retelling and revolves around fae. Probably (also, did you know that Throne of Glass is a loose Cinderella retelling???? Unless someone made that up, but damn)

The Broken Earth | N.K. Jemisin


I’ve been putting off reading this series for so damn long. I have such high expectations for it and I’m afraid lol. I’ve heard her writing and world building is next level and I can’t wait to dive into this story.

The Nevernight Chronicle|Jay Kristoff

I’m very surprised that I haven’t read this book yet. I loved the Illuminae files so MUCH, and if this series is anywhere near as entertain as those books, I’m guaranteed to fall in love.

I know this is an adult fantasy series and possibly involves assassins? Or maybe just a lot of killing. Regardless, I love some intense, violent adult fantasy and I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what this one is.

The Lunar Chronicles | Marissa Meyer


Woof. Another series that I should have read approximately 5 years ago. I do love me some fairy tale retellings and the fact that these are sci fi based sounds amazing. I will say I’m a bit apprehensive that I won’t love these as much as I would have had I read them when I was younger. Still willing to give them a try though bc I know people love them so much.

Red Rising | Pierce Brown


Not going to lie, I know nothing about this series. I’m like 80% sure it’s sci fi and that’s pretty much all I know. I want to say they live on Mars, but that’s also a complete guess. I really don’t want to read the synopsis though because I’d rather just jump in knowing absolutely nothing about it.

I know people love this series, and that’s really all I need to get me interested in reading it.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone | Laini Taylor


I’ve been told I will love this series for so so long. I absolutely hate the cover design and I think that’s the main reason I never got around to reading it. I’m pretty sure this is a YA fantasy and that’s all I know. I’ve heard the first book is the best, so I’m willing to give at least that one a try before I make any decisions.

Arc of a Scythe | Neal Shusterman

Another completely hyped book about a utopia (love) where people no longer die? And there are people whose jobs are to kill to keep the population under control? I think it’s something like that. I’ve only heard good things, and the premise sounds very intriguing.

The Folk of the Air | Holly Black

Oh, boy. Let’s end this list with yet another series I’ve been spoiled a million times over. I’m mad at how much I know about this book. I don’t even seek it out! I’ve never even read the synopsis! And, yet!!! I know so much!!!!

This is a fae love story about some tricky little fae and a girl who gets kidnapped and has to live in fairy? I think there’s some fairy court happenings and she tries to trick her way into something. (I don’t really know what her goal is in this story) Despite being spoiled I 100% plan on reading this series, but probably just closer to when the third book comes out next year.

2 thoughts on “Series (I’m Ashamed) I Haven’t Read Yet

  1. Omg you should deffo read Nevernight!! I personally see it as being more New Adult, but it’s definitely intense and violent, and also has an incredibly sarcastic and witty cat 😄
    I loved the lunar chronicles when I first read them a few years ago, but I wouldn’t know how they hold up now, cuz I haven’t read them in a while (though I’m planning on rereading them soon). I’d definitely say at least give them a try, though, so at least you’ll know!
    And omg whoever told you the first daughter of smoke and bone book is the best is v v wrong, at least in my opinion. I found that the books only improved as I went. The first one definitely is more just an introduction to the characters and the basics of the world, the second one then gets a lot darker, and the third is incredibly action-packed and expands the world a lot. But yeah, I held off on reading the series a long time as well (probably mostly because of those covers because yikes), but finally read them last year and really enjoyed them!
    Also, I REALLY need to get to Scythe and The Cruel Prince as well. I’m hoping to read at least one of them this year, but I’m so terrible at actually sticking to my reading plans that idk if that’s gonna happen 😂

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    1. ahhh I’m 100% planning to get to all of these, but I really see myself gravitating to nevernight first. so excited you loved it (and I’m always down for sarcastic cats!!) I really can’t remember who told my that about daughter of smoke and bone, but good to know if I’m not loving the first one they pick up in pace as you go along! lol the covers are truly horrendous I feel like I would be 100% more interested in reading them if they were better. I will def take your recs and let’s pray I finish at least one of these series this year lmao

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