12 Romance Books You Need to Read on Kindle Unlimited Right Now | Book Recommendations

I may have discovered the treasure trove that is Kindle Unlimited last year. I may have went a little crazy binge reading anything I could get my hands on. I may have lost friendships — lmao just kidding. But truly I can’t believe I was sleeping on Kindle Unlimited for so long. There’s so much good stuff on there.

I know I’m talking about this like its an ad or something but no ones paying me to write anything on this blog lmao (especially not daddy bezos) I seriously just have an obsessive relationship with the books on that website.

I’ve read a billion and one books on there (some I’m not proud of tbh) and feel like I have a pretty good idea which indie romance books are worth your time. So please please please read these if you haven’t already. And if you have any recommendations for me PLEASE! leave them in the comments below.

From Lukov With Love | Mariana Zapata

If you’re into slow burns, this is the book for you. Normally I would get kind of annoyed about how slowly this romance developed, but I was so invested in the plot I really didn’t care lol. Think enemies to lovers. Pairs ice skating. Slow slow burn. Big family vibes. An absolute must-read from me!

Hooked | Emily McIntire

Okay. We’re moving into villains romance territory here. This is basically a Peter Pan retelling minus the magic and also minus Peter Pan being the good guy lol. Hook is our hot hot “bad boy” but obviously we love him and he is right. This is perfect if you love the aura of a villain, but like still want to root for them in the end lol

Pestilence | Laura Thalassa

WHEW I do love me some enemies to lovers huh??? This series is about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. First we’ve got pestilence who spreads disease throughout the world. And somehow he is the love interest in this book lol. I know it sounds absolutely weird and not at all hot, but like this was SO HOT. And also a very cute romance?? I really don’t know how she does it. Queen shit.

Her Soul to Take | Harley Laroux

This is the first book in the Souls trilogy. They include demon boyfriends, a creepy cult, and some weird magic. I’m completely obsessed with these books and if you’re into horror + romance it really doesn’t get any better than these. Yes, there is violence and spooky stuff, so maybe don’t read these if you want your main characters and love interests to be squeaky clean. These are definitely not that haha

A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor | Kathryn Moon

If you’ve never read poly or monster romances, this is probably not the first one I would recommend starting with lol. Like, it is intense. There’s not a lot of plot here (it exists! But is not the main attraction lol) Our main character definitely has one thing on her mind here. *one thing* If you want a hot monster romance with multiple love interests. Yes. Read this one.

Rhapsodic | Laura Thalassa

If you’re experiencing A Court of Thorns and Roses withdrawals, this is the book for you. Like. It is the one. We’ve got a dark fae prince. We’ve got a shifter ex-boyfriend with anger issues (like????????) I know this is a series, but I’ve only read the first one, so I really need to get on that haha

Flock | Kate Stewart

Omg. This series!!!!!!! I was not prepared. If you want an intense dark romance that will definitely scar you forever. This is the one. This is definitely a romance series, and it gets spicyyyy but the emotional damage!!! It’s intense, guys. Possibly one of my favorite series of all time ngl

The Witch’s Wolves | Ellie Mae MacGregor

A cute little monster romance short featuring a witch who gets lost in the woods and the two wolves (wolf men??) that find her lol. It’s giving spicy little red riding hood for sure.

Feed | Aveda Vice

Another monster romance short between a moth fairy and a succubus. It’s wild. It’s hot. The sequel full-length novel is much more cute romantic moments while this one I would categorizing and mostly spice. Definitely recommend them both!

There Are No Saints | Sophie Lark

Okay, this one might be a little weird lol. It’s a serial killer romance. I’m sorry!!! It’s messed up I know. But, like, it’s also good lol. We’ve got an art scene. Two competing serial killers. And the girl that get’s mixed up with them both. It’s a wild ride, but it was definitely fun.

Ice Planet Barbarians | Ruby Dixon

If you’re in the romance scene, I’m sure you’ve already heard of these books. I know the description seems a little wild if you’ve never read alien/monster romances, but like they’re so good!! Idk how Dixon includes so much romance into these short little books, but she really does that!! They’re super hot. Super cute. I need to continue with the series asap

Girls Weekend | C.M. Nascosta

Another monster short to finish off the list! Three elf coworkers go on a girls weekend trip to this nudist orc resort (lmao) I thought it was going to just be okay, but I love these three elves so much!!! The sequel just came out recently, and I can’t CAN’T wait to read it.

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