I’m Only Reading Queer Books This Month | June 2019 TBR

Happy Pride my people!! I’ve been saving a bunch of these books (definitely intentionally not reading them) specifically for pride month! I have a pretty ambitious tbr, but I believe in myself and that’s all that matters

If you’re planning on reading any of these books please let me know so we can chat/squeal/cry over them (buddy read anyone???)

Also, if you have any other queer book recs that you think I need to read, feel free to let me know here/twitter/etc

Tell Me How You Really Feel | Aminah Mae Safi

I’m not going to lie. I’ve already finished this book and I had a great time. If you want a hate to love story with a f/f romance, pick this one up! It features a Mexican Jewish mc and a Persian Muslim mc. Love love love.

If It Makes You Happy | Claire Kann

I don’t know too much about this book, but I’m pretty sure it involves an ace or a-spec mc? And definitely a queerplatonic relationship (which I’ve never read before!!)

Red, White & Royal Blue | Casey McQuiston

If you haven’t heard about this book, you must be very very new to the book community. This is a new adult m/m romance between the first son of the united states and the prince of England. I know this is supposed to be super fun, hilarious, and will possibly make me cry???? We’ll see!

Once & Future | Amy Rose Capetta

I’m pretty sure this is a queer King Arthur + Excalibur retelling with a female main character. I really don’t know any of the specifics, but it sounds like a wild ride and I am READY for it bb

I Wish You All The Best | Mason Deaver

This is a YA (?) contemporary following a non-binary teen written by a non-binary author. I know absolutely nothing about the plot, but I am sO eXcIteD to read it. I’ve heard all of the hype about this book, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Gideon The Ninth | Tamsyn Muir

Here is yet another book I know nothing about besides the fact that it is queer and involves necromancy. Book Twitter has been hyping this book up HARD. I’m ready to go in knowing absolutely nothing more and have my mind blown

Orpheus Girl | Brynne Rebele-Henry

This is a f/f queer retelling of the epic Orpheus (I believe?) I know its set in Texas and will probably make me cry. Also look at that cover!!!!!!!! Beautiful

Priory of the Orange Tree | Samantha Shannon

I’ve had this book on my shelf for far too long considering how hyped I am to read it. It’s queer. It has Dragons. What more could you need???

Wilder Girls | Rory Power

This is quite possibly the most beautiful book cover I have ever seen. Like wuuuuut? I know this is kind of like a genderbent Lord of the Flies and involves a lot of queer ladies. I’m actually so excited to read this because I always wondered how that book would unfold had it involved girls rather than boys.

The Prince and the Dressmaker | Jen Wang

I’m pretty sure this involves a gender fluid / gender non-conforming Prince who seeks the talents of the most talented dressmaker in the land. I’ve heard this is super fun and cute and I’m very pumped to read it.

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