the spookiest of spooky october TBRs

It’s spooky season which means spooky activities, spooky movies, spooky music, spooky food (?) and, of course, spooky books!!! 

I’m almost 100% certain I will not get to a majority of the below books, but a girl can dream! (they are all spooky, if you did not already guess)

Lock Every Door | Riley Sager

I have yet to read a Riley Sager book, but I’ve heard so many good things about this one I feel like it should be my first. I know literally nothing about it except that it’s a thriller and people like it. 

Price Guide to the Occult | Leslye Walton

I bought this book last year because I liked the cover and the spooky vibes it was giving. I haven’t heard amazing things about it, but I feel like if I’m going to give it a shot October is the most fitting time

Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo

Do I really need an explanation behind this one? Spooky college vibes and a brand new release. I’m hype

Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir

I’ve been trying to finish this for awhile now, but just haven’t been drawn in. I’m hoping October is the time when I finally fall for this one

Emma in the Night | Wendy Walker

I don’t know anything about this thriller, but I’m pretty sure Booksandlala liked it? I think? I love the cover and am totally down for a new thriller

Rebecca | Daphne du Maurier

I love to sneak in a gothic spooky book around this time of year. It just feels very fitting. I’ve heard great things about this classic and I truly hope it holds up

Pumpkinheads | Rainbow Rowell

I know this isn’t a spooky book, but it does involve fall activities and that’s close enough for me.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein | Kiersten White

The cover looks so grotesque and I love it. I haven’t read the original frankenstein, but maybe I will if this one draws me in. 

Now Entering Addamsville | Francesca Zappia

This is a YA mystery thriller and I’m pretty sure it involves ghosts. Yes, please

I Let You Go | Claire Mackintosh

I know people talk about this book having a mind blowing plot twist and recently I have not  been blown away by any plot twists in my books. I sincerely hope this will be different!

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