2021 Books I Need to Read Right Now | 2021 Most Anticipated Releases

I have too many books I want to read this year. And not enough time. People need to quite writing books that sound good!!! How am I supposed to keep up with them all! It’s not fair. I just need to quit my job and drop all my friends in order to have enough time to read all the books I’m interested in. That’s the only solution.

You Have A Match | Emma Lord

Release Date: January 12th

Full transparency, this book is already out and I’ve already read it. It was amazing. It’s late-YA retelling of the parent trap. And for my lil millenial heart that’s already a 10/10 for me.

The Ex Talk | Rachel Lynn Solomon

Release Date: January 26th

Already read this bad boy as well! It was amazing and made me lol multiple times. Made me want to start listening to podcasts again.

A History of What Comes Next | Sylvain Neuvel

Release Date: February 2nd

I loveddd the themis files, so I had to add this to my tbr asap. I’m currently reading this and so far it’s about trying to built rockets? Over many years and countries? It’s interesting, and I have no idea where it’s going.

The Project | Courtney Summers

Release Date: February 2nd

I’m fully expecting this to be a dark and twisty YA thriller. Also pretty sure it’s about infiltrating a cult???? Yes pls.

The Galaxy and the Ground Within | Becky Chambers

Release Date: February 16th

My girl! Becky! Chambers!!!!! One of my fave authors. I love this series. so so much. Soft sci-fi with wholesome af characters.

Lost in the Never Woods | Aiden Thomas

Release Date: March 23rd

Omg Cemetery Boys was so so good and I immediately added this to my tbr after finishing it lol. I know it’s a Peter Pan retelling and that’s all! I’m obsessed with his writing style tho, so I’m super pumped for this.

The Intimacy Experiment | Rosie Danan

Release Date: April 6th

I was obsessed with The Roommate last year and was praying for a sequel with Naomi. Also I think the love interest is a rabbi? I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve read a book with a rabbi main character before so def interested in this one!

Second First Impressions | Sally Thorne

Release Date: April 13th

The Hating Game is possible my all-time fave romance? I’ve already heard some good things about this one so it’s a hard yes pls from me.

The Ones We’re Meant to Find | Joan He

Release Date: May 4th

Ah! I know this is sci-fi(?) and that is all! I loved Descendent of the Crane tho, so I’m pumped for this one. (Also this cover. Dead. So beautiful. Joan really gets blessed with superior covers)

People We Meet On Vacation | Emily Henry

Release Date: May 11th

Emily Henry is one of my favorite authors and I’m enjoying her adult romance thus far, so I’m def going to read this one. I have no idea what it’s about and I’m planning on just diving in.

One Last Stop | Casey McQuiston

Release Date: June 1st

RWRB was one of my fave books in 2019 and I can’t wait for this one. I know its wlw, set in new york and has something to do with time travel??? yes.

The Chosen and the Beautiful | Nghi Vo

Release Date: June 1st

Queer speculative great gatsby retelling with an Asian mc. Yes! Let’s dooo it.

A Lesson in Vengeance | Victoria Lee

Release Date: August 3rd

I know this is gay and dark academia and that’s it. And thats all I need to know tbh

All’s Well | Mona Awad

Release Date: August 3rd

I think this is another twisty and weird book set at a university. Bunny is maybe my fave book of all time? So I need to read this one. I’m really really hoping it lives up to my expectations!

The Heart Principle | Helen Hoang

Release Date: August 17th

Omg I read The Kiss Quotient for the first time this year and omg. One of my all-time fave romances probs. I can’t wait for this one. Also I’m pretty sure there is OCD rep, and I don’t think I’ve read a book with OCD rep before so I can’t wait.

Empire of the Vampire | Jay Kristoff

Release Date: September 14th

AHHHHH! smutty dark vampire story yes pls. I’m really really hoping I can snag an arc of this bad boy.

Certain Dark Things | Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Release Date: September 7th

Another adult vampire book! Vampires are truly coming back this year and I’m all about it. 2008 called and wanted it’s sub-genre back. We said no thank you, 2021 is hard!! Let us have this!!!! (p.s. this cover reminds me of the blue bloods series I read in high school lol)

Under the Whispering Door | TJ Klune

Release Date: September 21st

Cerulean Sea was my first TJ Klune, but it hit me so hard that I can’t not read this book. I’m hoping it touches me in the same way :’)

I Am Margaret Moore | Hannah Capin

Release Date: October 12th

Foul is Fair is so so good and I’m hoping I love this book just as much. I do not know anything about the plot lol

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