The Best Books I Read in 2021

Y’all ! it’s been over a year since I posted on here lmao.

And since my yearly domain subscription just went through, it’s probably time to actually put this website to use!

2021 was such a reading struggle for me. I went through months of basically not reading a thing. YIKES. But the thing that brought me back from reading slump death was my girl kindle unlimited. I dipped my toes into indie romance in 2020, but boy oh boy did I discover her greatness is 2021. So, please don’t be surprised when an abundance of these books are KU.

(and if you’re a big romance reader and haven’t read any of these yet, what tf are you doing?????)

Anyway, in no particular order, here are the books that I fell in love with last year!

It Happened One Summer | Tessa Bailey

I got hooked on Tessa Bailey after reading Fix Her Up, but hadn’t found the same love for her other books until reading this. I fell in LOOOOVe with the two main characters here. Their tension is amazing. I love the city girl moves to mall town vibes. It was cute it was hot. I’m going to read the sequel as soon as possible!

The Inheritance Games | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

I’m obsessed with old money mysteries and also scavenger hunts. This is literally the perfect series for me. There’s also a little fun romance?? HELLO! I wish the puzzles were harder to sus out, but you know it was still a fun ride. Will definitely be reading the third book in the series once it comes out this year.

Lola & The Millionares | Kathryn Moon

I found out about Kathryn Moon this years thanks to Mina Reads and WHEW! Thank you thank you thankyou. This series was my first introduction to omegaverse romances lmao. Listen. If you don’t know anything about it, maybe look it up? If you know about it and are not interested, maybe try this series first to be sure??? It is. So good. But it’s also A LOT. so pls don’t read this if you’re new to adult romance. Pls

Feed | Aveda Vice

Another KU short story read here. It is a spicy monster romance between a moth fairy man and a succubus. That’s all I’m going to say lol (The sequel came out this here and it was actually so sweet tho)

A Court of Mist and Fury | Sarah J Maas

I did not choose the first book in the series. iykyk. Like… Rhys… what more is there to say? There’s a reason this series has been going so long.

The Love Hypothesis | Ali Hazelwood

We gotta throw in a cute trade romance with the illustrated cover. This was such a fun and easy read. If you’re a romance person, you’ve already heard about this book. If you’re not, this is a fun romance in a science setting that is reylo fanfic lol

Her Soul to Take | Harley Laroux

The moment I knew horror romance was my favorite genre. This got monsters. This got cult. This got stupid girl who really has no idea how to keep herself safe. I love Leon so much. WAHH wheres my demon boyfriend?!?!? (I’m just as obsessed w the sequel Her Soul for Revenge and im sure book 3 will be the same)

Vespertine | Margaret Rogerson

Proof I don’t need a romance in a book so be obsessed!!!! This has the cutest friendship I’ve ever freaking seen! Also ghosts and nuns who fight ghosts. We love it. Margaret Rogerson can really do no wrong imo

From Blood and Ash | Jennifer L Armentrout

Ugh the book that sparked my fantasy reading binge last year. I love poppy and hawke so much like. I’m terrified to read book 4 which is currently waiting to be read. I don’t even know what to say about this series! It has the perfect balance of plot, romance, good characters.

From Lukov with Love | Mariana Zapata

I know I usually hate on slow burns (and bitch is this SLOW) but something about this book I just couldn’t get over. It’s like the perfect rivals to lovers story. We as a romance community really deserve more ice skating romances??? This is the only one I can think of. I need more!!

Act Your Age, Eve Brown | Talia Hibbert

I loved all of the Brown sisters books, but something about this one really got me. I love the hate to love trope. It will get me everytime!!! The bed and breakfast setting could not be cuter. Our two main characters were perfect for each other. Ugh. In love

Ace of Spades | Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

This is the Get Out x Gossip Girl (maybe more pretty little liars?) that everyone was talking about last year. Dark academia that focuses on racism? Yessssss. The atmosphere was unmatched. If you’re into creepy boarding school vibes you must read this!!

The Library at Mount Char | Scott Hawkins

Definitely my favorite horror novel of all time?? This book was so weird. So twisted. I’ve been checking on the author periodically to see if we will ever get a sequel because I am DYING for one. I really don’t want to tell you anything about this, so if you like weird horror get this asap (but also probably check tw first)

Circe | Madeline Miller

My favorite audiobook I read last year. I loved everything about this. Madeline Miller!!!! She really did that. I don’t really know much about Greek Mythology, so I am using her books to learn lol

You Have a Match | Emma Lord

A basically reimagined parent trap????? Yes. I loved this so much. Emma Lord really knows what she’s doing with a cute little YA contemporary.

Cemetery Boys | Aiden Thomas

A queer latinx fantasy with brujx?? OKAY! I loved this so much. The culture, the inclusivity, really everything. This will def hit you in the heart like a ton of bricks.

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