2022 book releases I can’t wait to read | 2022 Most Anticipated

I am Margaret Moore | Hannah Capin

Release Date: March 15

This is a paranormal thriller that has already come out and I can’t believe I haven’t read it yet!!! Foul is Fair is one of my all-time favorite books, and I’ve been waiting to see what she comes out with next. I really really hope that I love this one just as much. If it is as dark and weird as her previous book. Give it to me!!!

An Arrow to the Moon | Emily X.R. Pan

Release Date: April 12

A book that is new to the shelves this week! I am so excited to read another book by Emily X.R. Pan. The Astonishing Color of After was so so beautifully written. It hit me straight in the heart and I haven’t been able to forget it since. Not going to lie…. I know nothing about this book lol. I trust her and her writing that it will be genius.

Book Lovers | Emily Henry

Release Date: May 3

Emily Henry really is one of my favorite authors of all time. I love her YA stuff, I love her adult romance stuff. And yet I have not read People We Meet on Vacation (oops) lol I will!!!! Winter just felt like the wrong time to read it… for obvious reasons… but I will make a point to read it before Book Lovers comes out next month! Also, what book worm can resist a romance called Book Lovers?? It was made for us!!

Seasonal Fears | Seanan McGuire

Release Date: May 3

A sequel I truly never thought we were ever going to get. Middle Game is one of my all-time favorites. It’s so weird and confusing but in the best possible way. I’m pretty sure this book doesn’t follow our main two characters from the first book, but it is in the same world? We’ll see! Next month!

Book of Night | Holly Black

Release Date: May 3

Wow it looks like this will be a busy reading week for me! I’m so so excited for Holly Black’s foray into adult fantasy. Let’s go darker. Let’s get wild. No holding back!!! (I hope) The Folk of the Air trilogy was a love for me (even though I was spoiled…..) and I’m sure this one will be no different. I have not read the synopsis and do not plan to!

The Company of Fiends | Kathryn Moon

Release Date: May 25

Another sequel! We’re finally getting to one of my Kindle Unlimited romance series here. I loooved the first book A Lady of Rooksgrave Manor where we got a little sneak peek of where this book takes place. Basically, we’ve got a poly monster romance with not a whole lot of plot. But it is very hot. And a little wild. lol

Upgrade | Blake Crouch

Release Date: July 12

If you’re into sci-fi thrillers, this is your guy. I still haven’t read his series yet, but I was obsessed with both Dark Matter and Recursion. As with all thrillers, I will not be reading the synopsis, because I feel like they always give away too much plot. He rarely does wrong, so I’m sure this book will be amazing.

The It Girl | Ruth Ware

Release Date: July 12

I will always read my girl Ruth Ware’s books. They don’t always hit, but her last couple have all been wins for me. I’m not sure what kind of book this is, but the title is already drawing me in. I will cross my fingers so so hard to get an arc of this one. Also if you’re an audiobook reader, her narrator is 10/10 the best. Something about her voice is just the perfect amount of creepy for an English thriller lol

The Honeys | Ryan La Sala

Release Date: August 2

I remember reading about this in 2021 and hearing it was a creepy dark academia horror book. Like, hell yea. Possibly a little cult-y? I really can’t remember. But whatever I did hear made me want to add it to my tbr list asap. I feel like YA books don’t always go there when it comes to horror, but I have a feeling this one is going to live up to the hype.

Babel | R.F. Kuang

Release Date: August 23

My girl!!! R.F. Kuang had to come in with a dark academia book in the year 2022. It focuses on racism in academia inspired by her time studying at Oxford. I just know this book is going to be good and those Oxford academics are shaking in their boots lmao. I’ll never ever get over The Poppy War, but I’m so freaking excited to read this one. If there was one author who I know will bring the dark to dark academia, it is freaking R.F. Kuang. And I know she will not be holding back on these students lol

Love on the Brain | Ali Hazelwood

Release Date: August 23

2021 was the year of The Love Hypothesis. We all read a cute romance set in a scientific setting. And then we all found out it was Reylo fanfic (lmao) I’m pretty sure this one was originally a fic too, and idgaf!!! I’m sure it’s going to be amazing. Omg I just read the blurb and it literally has “in a galaxy far, far away” in it hahahah. They are hiding NOTHING. I’m pretty sure this is another science-based enemies to lovers situation. A that’s a 10/10 for me.

The Final Gambit | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Release Date: August 30

The third (and final??) book in The Inheritance Games series!! If you’re into rich people puzzles in weird old houses this series is 100% for you lol. I love me some weird riddles and games and these books are full of them. We’ve also got a saucy lil love triangle which we haven’t seen in YA from some time??? Ngl some of the riddles seem a little too easy, but they’re still super fun and I can’t wait to see how the series ends.

Foul Lady Fortune | Chloe Gong

Release Date: September 27

This is a spin-off duology set in the same world as These Violent Delights. We’ve got another Shakespeare retelling on our hands. This one being an As You Like It set in 1930s Shanghai. You love to see it.

Faith & the Dead End Devils | Kathryn Moon

Release Date: October 1

Another sequel from one of my favorite Kindle Unlimited romance series. This is another book in Kathryn Moon’s Sweet Omegaverse. If you’re new to the omegaverse, you can learn the basics here. I recommend starting with the first book in this series Baby & the Late Night Howlers and maybe continuing if you’re into it! It’s some hot poly romance and it gets pretty wild lol.

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