7 Omegaverse romance books that I can’t stop thinking about | Book Recommendations

Okay okay okay. To my girlies who are already pro-omegaverse, I am so happy you are here. To all my girlies to have no idea wtf I am talking about. Don’t worry, I will 100% let you in on this little secret.

First and foremost, if you are not a romance reader, this is not the genre for you. Sorry. See you next time. I will have another post for you in the future.

Secondly, if you are a fade to black romance reader; also not the place for you. Good-bye.

To all my girlies who love some explicit romance, this is the shit for you. Believe me!!!

I went on a little binge the last couple months and this genre was the only thing my brain could process. It (usually) involves a poly relationship with lots of men and one woman. I know there are a lot of MM ones out there, but that’s not what I’m familiar with.

I’m going to leave you with a little omegaverse guide here just to catch you up on all of the details. I would not say I’m an expert, just an enthusiast. Additionally, most books have slight things that they change in regards to how relationships work etc, but in general they follow the same Alpha. Beta, Omega roles. How those roles interact can be glaringly different from book to book. And there are few below that definitely have some different rules.

I’ve read a few other books that were much darker, traumatic, etc and I’m not going to include them here because I didn’t really enjoy those darker elements. It felt a little gratuitous imo. I’m going to link my omegaverse goodreads shelf here, so if you’re more interested in dark romance than sweet ones, def give them a look!

Here are a few books/series that I’ve read over the past year that I liked/loved/thought were entertaining lol. I’m not going to say these are all pieces of literary mastery, but if that’s what you’re looking for, why the hell are you here anyway????

Baby & The Late Night Howlers | Kathryn Moon

My first every ABO book ❤ I’ll never forget our omega Baby and her massive pack of alphas (and 1 beta) who are obsessed with her. Kathryn Moon really knows how to write some weird af poly smut. These are cute, sexy, fun. Also a great introduction to the genre bc the world these are set in are not as traumatic as others I have read since. There is still some messed up stuff that happens here, but it didn’t completely fuck me up like other books have! 10/10 would recommend!

Lola & The Millionaires 1 & 2 | Kathryn Moon

These two books are the next in Kathryn Moon’s Sweet Omegaverse. I freaking love these so much. More than the first even. Lola is a Beta so not your usual ABO protagonist. I don’t really want to say too much because the conflict in this book is a direct result from Baby & the Late Night Howlers. Just know if you enjoyed the first book, you’re almost guaranteed to love this one. Also, if you’re into MMFMM, read this. lol

Heat Haven | Sarah Blue & Ashley Bennett

This is more of a novella, but again definitely a good beginner book. It takes place at a facility where omegas can safely have a heat if they’re without a pack. There’s an elevator scene. It’s pretty great. I really wish we got to see more from this pack because I absolutely loved them.

Omega’s Obsession | Sarah Blue

This is a sequel to the previous book in that they book take place in the same universe, but the characters are completely unrelated. I would say this one is definitely dark, but still very cute. We’ve got our mc omega and her obsession with an Alpha who’s a family friend. There is definitely some light stalking involved just fyi lol

Omega Sanctuary | Mira Kane

This is the only fantasy omegaverse I’ve read! It was really interesting and I can’t wait to finally read the sequel. There are some magical elements that definitely don’t show up in other ABO books, so I’d say if you want something a bit more unique, this is a good one!

In Deep | Hannah Haze

I freaking love this so so much. It has a collegiate setting. An omega who isn’t interested in a pack. And a pack of rower alphas who just can’t let her go. I love a good campus book and this one checks all the boxes. I read the sequel, but didn’t connect with the characters as much as I did here. Also definitely beginner friendly imo!

Good Girl | Sam Hall

In some ABO universes poly isn’t the norm, and I’d def say this is one of those cases. Our omega and her pack of alphas have to deal with the stigma of being poly and the scrutiny that entails while being together. Definitely a good read and I’d also recommend the other books in this series!

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