12 books that remind me of summer | Book Recommendations

With the weather heating up and a beach vacation in my future, I start to crave books that remind me of summer. Sitting on a towel at the beach, on a picnic blanket at the park, or sitting in front of the AC in my apartment, its time to break out the books that scream SUMMER!

Usually this means, cute little YA contemporaries, domestic thrillers, and easy romances. If you’re looking for a couple books to pack in your suitcase this summer, this is the list for you. I have read at least a few of these from a hotel room or airplane lol. And I can guarantee they scratch that summer reading list itch.

So grab a towel and your summer drink of choice before order one (or more) books from the list below! It’s summer reading time, friends!

Adult Reads:

Beach Read | Emily Henry

I feel like this additional to the list is pretty self explanatory. It’s right there in the title lol. If you’re a part of the romance reading scene, it’s probably you already know about this one. And if not, I think this is an excellent book to start with! It’s about two authors. Writing books. And a cute little romance. I will say this made me cry, though so it’s not all fluff. Just be prepared!

Well Met | Jen DeLuca

This adult romance features a renaissance faire! I’ve never been, but after reading this one I want to go so freaking bad. This is a little bit of an enemies to lovers moment, and it’s fantastic. I’ve never wanted to be a barmaid more in my entire life! I know there are more books in the series, but I haven’t read them all (and maybe this summer will be the perfect time!)

Malibu Rising | Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is a generational novel about the Riva family living in California over the years. There is drama, there is betrayal, there is a big party. I love me a Taylor Jenkins Reid book, and I feel like you really just need to experience her writing to understand what I mean. I 100% recommend the audiobook for this one! It was amazing. I’m picturing my self listening to this on a beach lounger while sipping a frozen margarita. Paradise.

Girls Weekend | C.M. Nascosta

My first indie romance of the list! I will say this is a little but more spicy than the rest, so if you’re not into that skip to the next on the list! This is a monster romance set in an Orc resort lol. Our main characters are three elf coworkers who decide to take a weekend trip to this resort to … relax. It was really fun and really sweet and I fell in love with all of the characters. It also has a sequel if you’re itching to know what happens after our three elves leave the resort!

It Happened One Summer | Tessa Bailey

Tessa Bailey! Her rom com’s are possibly the only thing keeping me going right now. This one is set in a sleepy Northwestern fishing town. You’ve got a shunned socialite and a grumpy fisherman. What more could you ask for! There is fighting and arguing and a whole love of enemies to lovers action happening. If you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek, I think you’ll love our heroine Piper in this one.

Flock | Kate Stewart

I love this series so freaking much! It is mysterious and thrilling and most definitely sexy. I flew threw the entire series within a week, and I’ll bet you’ll have a hard time not to do the same. I really don’t want to give anything away, but if you like dark romances, I really think you’ll enjoy this one. I will say it does involve emotional damage…but it’s freaking worth it. 100%

Young Adult Reads:

The Last True Poets of the Sea | Julia Drake

This is a queer coming of age story set in a sleepy coastal town in Maine. It’s heartbreaking and beautiful and the perfect story to read during the summer. Picture chilly mornings on the beach with a wool afghan and a steamy cup of coffee. It most definitely made me cry and I recommend you to read it as soon as possible!

You Have a Match | Emma Lord

I love Emma Lord so much! Most definitely one of my favorite YA authors. This book is a cute YA contemporary romance set in a summer camp. It’s a loose retelling of the parent trap with two sisters who find each other online and can’t understand how they were ever separated. Also features a friends to lovers storyline (not my favorite trope, but it was still fun here) It’s a super fast read and most definitely heart-warming.

Love & Olives | Jenna Evan Welch

What makes you think of summer more than a little bit of traveling? This entire series is genius and I’m freaking obsessed with every single book. They all feature our main character who is a little bit lost. A little bit heartbroken. Each book is set in a different European country, and this one happens to be Greece. I want to visit every place mentioned in the book. it is glorious and so cute and the perfect coming of age story. I recommend each of the 3 books in the series, and will be reading anything this authors comes out with next!

Sunkissed | Kasie West

Kasie West will always be the epitome of a summer read for me. Her YA contemporaries always give me a fuzzy feeling in my chest and have the ability to brighten my mood. This is set at a family summer camp and features romance, family issues, a band. I will say this is not my favorite book by the authors, but it most definitely gives off those summer vibes. Truthfully, I think any of her books would make an excellent summer read.

The Inheritance Games | Jennifer Lynn Barnes

We’re taking a sharp turn from cute, fluffy contemporary romances and moving into the mystery genre. This one is on the list, because I can’t resist a mystery/thriller during the summer. This involves riddles, secret passageways and a (gasp!) love triangle. lmao. Considering love triangles were all the rage in old school YA, I really haven’t seen one in a while. I’m obsessed with this series, and I think it’s a perfect book to binge while relaxing next to a pool.

Alex, Approximately | Jenn Bennett

I’m required by law to include this book on this list because it just so happens to include my all-time favorite trope. Secret pen pals. This is set in a surfing town in California. We’ve got enemies to lovers. We’ve got new friends and summer jobs. This is basically a teen retelling of you’ve got mail, so it’s pretty much perfect. Ugh I should really read this again this summer lol LOVE!

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